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        1. 歡迎來到泰士特商貿官方網站!
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          Telephone:86-10-58677289   4008-100-128
          Address: Rm2909, NO.1 Building, Jia NO.6 ShuGuangXiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
          Latest announcement

          2019 Congress of Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists
          Source:  Time:2019-04-22 16:56

             On April 14, 2019, the 2019 Congress of Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists was held at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Qingdao Silver Beach.The conference strengthened multi-disciplinary communication and academic cooperation, promoted the integration of multiple disciplines, further explored disciplines, provided the most humane industry association service for Chinese anesthesiologists, and established a high-level international communication platform for anesthesiologists.
             Our company, Bejing Talent Trade Co., Ltd, as a professional high-end medical equipment supplier who has been focused on the anesthesia and intensive care territory for many years, also attended the exhibition and showed our excellent products, such as BIS, GlideScope®, Buckingham®, Amsorb® Plus and Accufuser®.
          Introduction of the products on the show:
          BIS-Bispectral Index System: Covinden
          The first anesthesia monitoring equipment that obtain the FDA certification, and is considered as the golden standard of anesthesia depth monitoring.
          Amsorb® Plus- CO2 absorbent: Armstrong
          The world’s first strong alkali free CO2 absorbent, which is much safer without any toxic byproducts. It offers better care for both patients and doctors.
          Accufuser®- anesthesia pump: Woo young
          A disposable infusion device that has accurate, continuous and pre-fixed flow rate. Its elastomeric silicone reservoir enables pumping without electrical power.
          GlideScope®-video laryngoscope: Verathon
          Designed for one-time intubation successful.

              The GlideScope video laryngoscope, which is the leader in difficult airway treatment in the actual airway management stage, has attracted the attention of many clinical anesthesiologists because of its unique product features and its advantages in solving difficult airway grading. Have started to feel its unique features. At the same time, in the theme workshop of difficult airway management, teachers from many hospitals started to operate the product and more standardized operation of the video laryngoscope.
              Through this exhibition, we also learned a lot. Experts and scholars have a deeper understanding and understanding of our products. We also learned about the industry's latest technology and product dynamics. At the same time, experts' wonderful speeches and practical clinical case sharing helped us understand the frontline needs. We will continue adhering to the instructions that “training doctors with excellent weapons to help patients suffering from pain” continue to advance in the field of anesthesia and severe diseases.Looking forward to seeing you next time!