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        1. 歡迎來到泰士特商貿官方網站!
          Contact us
          Telephone:86-10-58677289   4008-100-128
          Address: Rm2909, NO.1 Building, Jia NO.6 ShuGuangXiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
          Spacelabs Healthcare

          élance Monitor

          Manufacture: Spacelabs Healthcare
          Address: USA
          Functional specifications

          Excellent visual effect 
          elance monitor series is the world's first fashion design with streamlined
          light slim style which is similar to a laptop. The élance family of integrated
          monitors with widescreen offers you high-performance monitoring of
          essential  parameters.

          Low energy consumption 
          All élance monitors are the world’s first monitors designed for low energy
          consumption (minimum energy consumption is 15 w). Uninterrupted
          monitoring is assured – all élance monitors will run for up to five hours on
          their powerful, internal lithium-ion battery.

          extra-long trend review
          long trend chart review, 120 hours (5 days) trend data. Its central station
          can provide 14 days trend data.

          Convenient and security
          élance monitors are the world’s first monitors designed for full angle alarming
          to avoid any single information missing. Demo mode is built inside the
          machine as easy to operate and learn for doctors. Also it provides the first
          plug and play printer. It features a highly intuitive touch screen user interface
          and has no built-in fan completely complied with the requirement of hospital
          diseases prevention and control.