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        1. 歡迎來到泰士特商貿官方網站!
          Contact us
          Telephone:86-10-58677289   4008-100-128
          Address: Rm2909, NO.1 Building, Jia NO.6 ShuGuangXiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing

          AMSORB? PLUS

          Manufacture:Armstrong Medical
          Address:Northern Ireland
          Functional specifications
          AMSORB® PLUS is a carbon dioxide absorbent, which is used to
          absorb carbon
          dioxide that comes 
          from the patients during anesthesia.
          Unlike other absorbents,
          AMSORB® PLUS is a new carbon 
          absorbent. It is free from strong alkali
          metal hydroxides, and is not
          capable of degrading
          anesthesia vapour to toxic gases such as carbon
          monoxide, formaldehyde or Compound A. So it is 
          safe to patients
          and doctors. 

          The colour change of AMSORB® PLUS is permanent, while the
          colouration of
          absorbents converts to white when
          contact with CO2 ceases
          and after a few hours of non-use.
          In that
          case, the NaOH-containing absorbents
          appear fresh and safe for
          clinical use, but in fact 
          it is potentially dangerous to use,because it
          will produce toxic gases. However, for
          AMSORB® PLUS, this will not

          AMSORB® PLUS, a safe absorbent, will eliminates hidden dangers in
          clinical use.